All Cascadia Metals facilities are designed to receive material by rail or truck, with several branches located close to Ports.  These locations coupled with our innovative distribution philosophy have continued to open new doors for expansion and growth.

At Cascadia Metals, we have never wavered from the original drive that started our business and our owners remain fully invested in the success of Cascadia Metals. Our investment isn’t only in land and machinery, but in the people…our employees. Still strong and unrelenting, we will continue to become more efficient and progressive in our thoughts moving forward. Our optimistic view of the future…we believe there will always be room for creative, innovative distribution in the future.

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Cascadia Metals operates to these “Guiding Principles” which represent values we aspire to achieve:

  • We talk straight
  • We demonstrate respect
  • We foster transparency
  • We right wrongs
  • We show loyalty
  • We deliver results
  • We continuously improve
  • We confront reality
  • We clarify expectation
  • We practice accountability
  • We listen first
  • We keep commitments
  • We extend trust

Branch Start-Ups

Since its inception, Cascadia Metals’ has been steadily opening new branches and expanding coverage.   Here’s our expansions to-date:

British Columbia – 1990

Alberta – 1995-1999 we opened branches in Calgary and Edmonton

Kent – 2005

Longview – 2006

Winnipeg – 2010

Salem – 2011

Nampa – 2011

Brandon – 2012 with major expansion in 2013

Saskatoon – 2014

Spokane – 2014