We applaud people who just won’t stay quiet and stop asking questions. We support people who speak up about what’s not the way it should be, and dream out loud about the way things could be. When we create products as innovative as Cascadia Tex pre-painted steel, which delivers 3D visual effects, that’s because we’ve chosen to invest in our question-askers.


Remember the days when taking unnecessary risks proved how “tough” you were? Well, we’re not about that, not even close. We’re about our team members making it home safe every single day. That’s why we have a strong safety culture built on communication and due diligence. We have the WorkSafe BC approved Certificates of Recognition in areas like Injury Management and Health & Safety to prove it.


Day after day, we’re about responding to your needs right away. We solve problems and pick up phones. We make an “Extreme Service Promise” and we keep it. This promise encompasses responsive communication, fast fulfillment through supply chain efficiencies, and innovations that deliver products you haven’t yet dreamed of. We know we’re not in the business of selling you metal. We’re in the business of growing your market share, sales volume, and revenue. When you succeed, we succeed.


We operate in sixteen different communities throughout North America. Each of these communities represent opportunities for us to be a force for goodness. In fact, every local branch has an employee-based committee that figures out how to give back through donations, sponsorships, and volunteering. For example, during the winter holidays, each branch chose to give a donation to a local food bank or charity in lieu of gifts.

When it comes to the environment, we put all of our creativity to work figuring out how to have the smallest footprint possible. We have re-taught, re-worked, and rebuilt processes, equipment, and facilities so that they’re less wasteful and polluting.

When it comes to sheet metal and coil products, you deserve a partner, not just a supplier.

Reach out and let’s build a relationship guided by our core values.