Our Culture

Champions of people with natural curiosity.
Metal distribution. It’s an industry defined by products, specs, logistics, and supply chain efficiencies, right? Yet in Cascadia’s nearly 30-year history, all of this has taken a backseat to people—both our customers and team members.

Naturally, we’re obsessed with sourcing innovative products, speeding up fulfillment, and delivering a next level customer service experience. But you don’t succeed in those areas without first being really responsive to people, to their needs and desires, their dreams and ideas.

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A reliable sheet metal inventory, sophisticated processing capabilities, and just-in-time delivery of both sheet and coil products. We’re more than a supplier—we’re a partner.

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Cascadia’s culture is always changing, because our people—customers and team members alike—are always evolving. But one quality that we have definitely celebrated and cultivated over the years is curiosity.

What does that mean? It means we applaud people who just won’t stay quiet and stop asking questions. We support people who speak up about what’s not the way it should be, and dream out loud about the way things could be.

These people are thinkers, dreamers, innovators, and problem solvers. They push us forward—and that’s exactly where we’re determined to go.