Galvanized Steel

Cascadia Metals supplies a vast array of Galvanized Steel products. Galvanized Steel is created through the hot-dip galvanizing process whereby carbon steel coil is submerged in a bath of molten zinc. The steel coil emerges with a metallic coating of zinc on both sides of the strip. Galvanizing protects the carbon steel in two ways. First, the zinc coating provides a continuous, impervious metallic barrier that does not allow moisture to contact the steel. Without moisture, there is no corrosion. Secondly, when the base steel is exposed, such as with a cut edge or scratch, the steel is protected by the sacrificial corrosion of the zinc coating adjacent to the steel.

The metallic coating of zinc on the Galvanized Steel coil provides a visible and aesthetic feature known as “spangle”. By varying the number of particles added to the zinc bath and the rate of cooling in the hot-dip process, the spangle can be adjusted from an apparently uniform surface, where the spangle is too small to see with the naked eye, to a more visible spangled surface.

Galvanized steel is a preferred construction product that has proven performance over decades of use in a wide range of end-use applications.


Durability – sacrificial coating protects from corrosion in most applications

Low Maintenance – easy to clean surface

Economical – lower overall costs compared to other steel products

Animal Confinement – highly recommended for applications in animal confinement

Flexibility – can be easily formed without sacrifice to the metallic-coating

Sustainability – 100% recyclable with a long service-life

Our Galvanized Steel meets ASTM A653 requirements.
So you can rest assured our product will meet all standard specifications per ASTM.


Chemical Treatment
A chemical surface treatment is available which consists of a thin, invisible, corrosion inhibiting, inorganic, chemical film applied on both sides of the metallic coated surface. This film is applied at the metallic coating line by dipping the steel strip into a solution of corrosion inhibiting chemicals. The chemically treated surface is much more resistant to “white rust” – the corrosion of zinc that typically occurs in humid conditions during storage or transportation.

Resin Coating
A resin coating is also available on our Galvanized Steel. This water-based resin coating is applied to both sides of the strip regardless of whether chemical-treatment is part of the resin package or pre-applied. The resin coating is formulated to resist finger printing and scuffing during product handling, improves resistance to wet-stack stains occurring during transport and storage, and virtually eliminates the need for roll forming lubricants.


Galvanized Steel products are found in a wide variety of applications including heating and air conditioning duct work and vents, barriers and wall partitions, light-gauge framing, garage and entry doors, mesh screens, appliance and fireplace sections, and more. Galvanized Steel can also be pre-painted for use in roofing and wall panel applications, metal buildings, carports and rainwater goods such as downspouts and gutters.

Superior quality backed by superior performance.

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