Galvannealed Steel

Cascadia Metals inventories a variety of Galvannealed Steel products. Galvannealed Steel (also known as “satin coat”) is created by two processes which, when combined, produce specialized sheets of steel. In the first process (galvanizing), the carbon steel is ran through a hot-dip galvanizing process where it emerges with a metallic coating of zinc on both sides of the strip. Immediately as the strip exits the zinc coating bath, the steel begins the second process (annealing) where the molten zinc coating is subjected to an in-line heat treatment that converts the entire coating to a zinc-iron alloy. In this final process, the iron diffuses from the steel into the coating giving it a very fine, greyish matte finish.


Paint ability – fine matte finish allows paint to adhere easily in post-paint applications

Joining – more easily welded than other steels, can be readily joined

Corrosion Resistance – very rust proof and less reactive to atmospheric exposure

Formability – hard coating does not flake when formed, stamped or bent

Our Galvannealed Steel meets ASTM A653 requirements. So you can rest assured our product will meet all standard specifications per ASTM.


Chemical Treatment
The “chem-treat dry” surface treatment consists of an application of a thin, invisible, corrosion inhibiting, inorganic, chemical film on the zinc surface. This film is applied at the galvanizing line by dipping into a solution of corrosion inhibiting chemicals. The chemically treated surface is much more resistant to “white rust” – the corrosion of zinc that typically occurs in humid conditions during storage or transportation.


Galvannealed Steel products are increasingly in demand. They are found in a wide variety of applications requiring long-term maintenance-free corrosion protection, such as bridges, industrial mills, recreation centres, utility industries, oil refineries and petrochemical industries, automotive industry, and for miscellaneous highway uses such as guard rails, lights, signs and fencing.  Galvannealed Steel is also used in the manufacturing of doors and door frames, electric equipment, and other end-use products requiring a metal with good paint ability and long reliable service life.

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