Pre-Painted Aluminum – PVDF

Cascadia Metals offers pre-painted PVDF aluminum coil and flat sheet in the most popular colors in the market today. The 3105-H14 aluminum substrate provides an excellent surface for paint, has good cold workability, is weldable, and has very good corrosion resistance. Our pre-painted PVDF aluminum carries industry competitive warranties and you can be confident the quality and service you receive will be world-class.

PVDF paint systems are developed using specialized ceramic pigments combined with fluoropolymer resins to create high-end coatings for metals. PVDF paint systems typically come with a standard 30-year limited warranty offered by the paint manufacturer.

PVDF pre-painted aluminum has been the go-to product for architects and designers around the world to achieve beautiful, vibrant colors with the added benefits of flexibility and durability in a lightweight product, that only aluminum can provide.


Lightweight – approximately one third the weight of steel.

Gloss & Color Retention – gloss and color remain intact longer as compared to other paint systems.

Chalk & Fade Resistance – provide superior UV resistance meaning better aesthetics longer-term.

Harsh Weather Resistance – performs better in harsh environments.

Our Pre-Painted Aluminum Series meets AAMA 2605-13 requirements.
So you can rest assured our product will meet all standard specifications for pre-painted Aluminum.


PVDF pre-painted aluminum is best suited for high-end applications such as commercial or residential siding, pre-engineered buildings, architectural wall panels, facades, and other applications where durability and long-lasting performance are required.

Superior quality backed by superior performance.

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