Pre-painted Steel – Cascadia Tex

Cascadia Metals is proud to introduce Cascadia TEX pre-painted steel. This textured finish not only delivers an eye-catching, 3D visual effect to the product, but also provides a surface that is more durable and scratch-resistant than standard pre-painted product.

Cascadia TEX comes with a low-gloss finish in a silicon-modified polyester (SMP) paint system. This texturized finish also offers stronger color retention and superior resistance to chalking and fading.


Durability – superior resistance to handling and abrasion

Aesthetics – textured surface provides depth and visual variation to the application

Chalk & Fade Resistance – performs extremely well compared to other paint systems

Our Pre-Painted Cascadia TEX Steel meets AAMA 2605-13 requirements.
So you can rest assured our product will meet all standard specifications for pre-painted steel.


A perfect product for both residential and commercial projects, Cascadia TEX is ideal for roofing, wall panel and architectural applications where enhanced visual depth and proven performance are desired.

Superior quality backed by superior performance.

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