Pre-painted Steel – Woodgrain

Cascadia Metals is proud to showcase our Woodgrain Series of pre-painted steel products.  Our Woodgrain Series is available in a variety of natural colors and patterns offering an authentic woodgrain look providing the aesthetic you need for your project’s interior or exterior applications.

Our pre-painted Woodgrain products are manufactured using an offset gravure printing process. The offset gravure printing process utilizes cylinders that have digital patterns etched into the surface. The etched cylinder rotates in an ink bath and ink collects within the etched pattern, with the excess ink being scraped from the cylinder. The inked pattern is then transferred from the etched cylinder to a rubber-covered transfer roll. From there the inked pattern transfers to the steel substrate by passing between the transfer roll and an impression roll.

The end result…pre-painted steel with the aesthetics of wood coupled with the benefits only steel can provide.


Proven Performance – backed by a limited performance warranty

Sustainability – 100% recyclable with long service life

Flexibility – can be formed into a wide variety of end-use applications

Low Maintenance – easy to clean surface that is virtually maintenance free

Durability – superior resistance to handling and abrasion

Aesthetics – the look of wood with the strength and performance of steel

Our Pre-Painted Steel Woodgrain Series meets AAMA 2605-13 requirements.
So you can rest assured our product will meet all standard specifications for pre-painted steel.


Our pre-painted Woodgrain products are the perfect architectural solution for both residential and commercial projects.  Whether creating an external design element or an interior architectural component, you’re building is guaranteed to stand-out with the visual effect of woodgrain and proven performance of steel.  The end-use applications are endless.

Superior quality backed by superior performance.

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