Our commitment

Everyone lives by a code, something that guides their choices and makes the day-to-day more meaningful. This is ours.


Remember the days when taking unnecessary risks proved how “tough” you were? Well, we’re not about that, not even close. We’re about our team members making it home safe every single day. That’s why we have a strong safety culture built on communication and due diligence.


Without quality, what’s the point? Our goal is always crystal clear: the best quality in the industry. To constantly meet this benchmark, we’ve created a few systems that work exceptionally well. Our comprehensive quality manual. Our training programs. Our robust claims process. All of this gets us to where we need to go.


We operate in twelve different communities throughout North America. Each of these communities represent opportunities for us to be a force for goodness. In fact, every local branch has an employee-based committee that figures out how to give back through donations, sponsorships, and volunteering.

Everyone at this branch has learned so much about the metal industry. We understand our customers’ needs.


When it comes to the environment, we put all of our creativity to work figuring out how to have the smallest footprint possible. We have re-taught, re-worked, and rebuilt processes, equipment, and facilities so that they’re less wasteful and polluting.

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A reliable sheet metal inventory, sophisticated processing capabilities, and just-in-time delivery of both sheet and coil products. We’re more than a supplier—we’re a partner.

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Amazing company. Owners unreal. They are really authentic and care about what they do.