Extreme Service Promise

What’s an “Extreme Service Promise”? Well, clearly, it’s a pledge to do whatever is within our power to meet your needs. We pick up the phone at every branch location. We master supply chain efficiencies so that your order gets filled quickly. And we innovate like nobody else in the business to get you more of what you want—including solutions you may not have even dreamed of.

It sounds good, right? But rest assured: these aren’t empty words. We know exactly how we’re going to keep our promise. We keep it by seeing you as a partner, not as a “customer”. In other words, we’re not in the business of selling you metal. We’re in the business of growing your market share, sales volume, and revenue. When you succeed, we succeed. It’s actually a mystery to us that so few companies really embrace this way of looking at business, because it’s plainly the truth.

It is rare to find a company as large as it is,
with a tight knit family feel. The people are great,
and it is exciting to be working for a company
that is growing so rapidly. I get to wake up
every morning, go to a job I enjoy, for a company
I am happy to represent.

Whether you have low or high-volume needs, you’ve probably found that carrying large inventories of sheet metal is costly, both in terms of capital and space requirements. With our support, you have a reliable inventory, sophisticated processing capabilities, and just-in-time delivery. That means several expensive problems solved at once. That’s what partnership with us means. That’s how an Extreme Service Promise is fulfilled.

need metal?

A reliable sheet metal inventory, sophisticated processing capabilities, and just-in-time delivery of both sheet and coil products. We’re more than a supplier—we’re a partner.

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