If you need it, we have it. And we have it how and when you want it.


Need multiple strips of metal, narrower than they would be right off the coil? We can unwind the coil, cut it into strips, and then rewind those strips into new coils that will be perfect for your project.

cut to length

Need flat sheets in specific lengths? We’ll do the work of unwinding the coils and cutting those sheets. They’ll have the same width and material specifications as the master coils but you’ll have the lengths you need and in sheet form.

in line-slear

Need multiple strips in sheet form, narrower than they would be right off the coil, and cut to specific lengths? We can combine the processes for slitting and cut-to-length to give you exactly what you need.

toll processing

Slit? Blanked? Leveled? Leave all the processing to us. We have the equipment and expertise to ensure the job gets done in a way that will exceed your expectations. Plus, we’re definitely part of the solution—and never the problem—when it comes to meeting your most urgent deadlines.

Great place to gain skill and experience. Learnt a great deal and it’s gotten me where I am today. I appreciate all I learnt there!



From team members to customers, we’re about responding to the needs of real people. We solve problems and pick up phones.


We love curious people and question-askers. That’s what drives innovation. That’s what makes this fun for us.


We are masters of supply chain management. But what matters is that we can meet your needs faster than you might think we can.

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